Father & Son Silhouetted Near Water

While it may sound like the title of an Ang Lee film or a David Guterson novel, ‘Father and Son Silhouetted Near Water’ is apparently the best way to describe the ideal moment between a father and son. At least in the English speaking world. Inspired by the great meme-making post, Women Laughing Alone With Salad, I hit up zeitgeist aggregator Google image search to try and find a Dude meets Dad equivalent. It didn’t take long before I found something interesting. The simple search term, “Father and Son” revealed 82 1st page results. Of those 82 pics,

  • 35% featured fathers and sons near or in water.
  • 32% were silhouetted.
  • 8.5% involved angling for fish.

Fathers, you will have to explain this one to me. Is this the father son ideal? Have you had such a moment? Do these images swell your heart?

It also turns out that this ideal is specific to the English speaking world. In German, “Vater und Sohn” returned a different dynamic. As did “Père et Fils.” Here are those results. Draw your own conclusions and generalizations.

English — Father and Son



German — Vater und Sohn


French — Père et Fils

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